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ou “enquanto a novidade não vem”



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fevereiro 22, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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campus party: the end.

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Por um momento eu achei que não fosse acabar nunca; mas eis que hoje anunciaram o fim do tal do Campus Party. Eu não fui, [Cláudia, obrigada pelo convite] e me limitei a fazer o teste elaborado pela minha amiga Marina Santa Helena, em parceria com o Edney Souza, como participação; mas tive amigos e conhecidos confinados a semana inteira no maior evento nerd [é isso beibe?] que já existiu, discutindo internet e tecnologias. De modo que a quem interessar possa, da pra ler boas coberturas do evento nos blogs de Jess Carrasco, Helena N. e Alexandre Inagaki [e futuramente, certamente, no blog do meu amigo Ian Marquinhos José Enloucrescendo Santa Helena Câmara, que deve ter sido uma das pessoas que mais se empolgou com, e bem aproveitou o evento]. Também dá pra ver fotos aqui, aqui, aqui e aqui.
E agora vamos mudar de assunto, por favor, sim?!

Resultado: 24 pontos

Qual o seu estilo nerd?

Oferecimento: Chiqueiro Chique

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fevereiro 17, 2008 at 12:11 pm

cinema, cinema, cinema.

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hiroshima, mon amour .
hiroshima, mon amour.
“..tu me tues , tu me plait,tu me fait du bien.”

era uma vez no oeste.
era uma vez no oeste.
Porque o filme preferido do meu pai não seria o filme preferido do meu pai à toa.

inland empire.
inland empire.
Eis que nasce meu David Lynch preferido.
Não, eu não entendi nada. Mas e daí, não é mesmo minha gente?

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fevereiro 16, 2008 at 4:13 pm

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nome próprio: teaser.

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from: adiós lounge.

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fevereiro 16, 2008 at 2:21 pm

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a beautiful revolution.

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fevereiro 16, 2008 at 9:40 am

fotografia, fotografia, fotografia.

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fevereiro 9, 2008 at 2:10 pm

música, música, música.

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_ george pringle

george pringle.

Some days I actually pine for a sleepover and a polo shirt again. This year saw change. I started dying my hair lighter. I cut in a fringe and I started wearing drainpipes that hugged my legs and I suppose the same problems remained. They just got more complicated and they curled out further. My problems stretched out in the sun and they sent me a postcard to say that they hoped I was okay and “I’sn’t Buenons Aires fabulous?”.
Well, maybe this was bought on by a newfound ability to sleep alone, or apathy. I don’t know.
I think new years begin in September, well at least for me they always have. I’ve always been fnd of September. Spring is never a good time. It’s a trussed up and beautiful drag queen but autumn is real.
So in the “New Year” period I changed a lot and all the while I thought it such a great tragedy I never looked this good as a teenager. All the while I let a ferocity build up in me. I took it out on myself, the shorter my skirts got and the skinnier my legs bowed and the flatter my chest got and all the while we were sweethearts. I threw beautiful lines that I never knew I was even capeable of.
I counted green pills and cigarette ends. I stopped playing guitar and I let my fingers soften and my nails grown for a while. I started drinking more and keeping unusual hours. I started playing Street Fighter II, until my eyes felt like they were going to drop out of my head and then I’d get enraged by the fact I was never going to be good enough to play Hyper Mode and Blanka was always going to be stronger than Chun Li.
So maybe I should enlighten you on what happens in your absence. This selfish existance where this intravert turns extrovert and dons their social armour. I became the perfect party apprentice, with a PHD in sitting on kitchen counters and drawing my cheeks in and shooting you looks that I don’t even mean. Hips that grind to scratchy indie hits and shoes that stick to nightclub floors…Well, you couldn’t understand why I can’t. You’ve never been up at four am with “The Fear”. You’ve never laid on your bedroom floor half blind and you wouldn’t love the girl that wakes up perspiring beer.
I cry much less these days. I can’t help but wonder what happened to ninjas and adventure? My dreams are like flashes and they give me hope. In these dreams I grew the bones of a fighter while you were sleeping and I fought and I seduced from a terraced house that rides a hill in this dead little city. Cinematic mini-epics sobered by train lines and phone lines and I forget these things.
My life’s a tangle of cables these days. Roads and train tracks are like wallpaper now. I started taking hundreds upon hundreds of photographs, all of which you were absent from. A detailed scientific investigation into light reflected on glass and I became invisible. Listening to Techno and Shoegaze in my room all alone and private parties all for myself. Slender fingers honed from MSN. An encyclopeadic knowledge of daytime television presenters.


_ lulina


Meu príncipe/ Não vem em cavalo branco/ Não tem muito dinheiro/ Mas eu o amo mesmo assim/ Meu príncipe arruma toda a casa/ Prepara minha comida/ Enquanto eu to no botequim/Meu príncipe me da múltiplos orgasmos/ Ai meu príncipe são 13 no total/ Ele limpa o banheiro/ Eu trabalho o dia inteiro/ Ele lava a roupa suja/ E eu bebo, bebo, bebo, bebo/ Ele briga com as crianças/ E eu toco violão/ Ele quer discutir a relação/ E eu não…

*entrevista para o churrasco grego.
*matéria na rolling stones.

Written by juliana alves

fevereiro 3, 2008 at 2:22 pm

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